Routh-Hurwitz Criterion Calculator





Enter coefficients in descending order of s, specify the significant figures, and specify with which mode to do the calculations.

As you modify the input code, the output will be continuously updated.

Approximate Mode

This program approximates ±10= ±10 100, 00= 1, and 0 = 10 −100. To see why approximate mode is important, compare modes True and False with the program's default coefficients of [1,3,2,0,0].


This program uses Skulpt and CodeMirror. Skulpt is a pretty cool in-browser Python interpretter, so feel free to play around with the input and try to crash your browser. Unfortunately Python's' eval function has not been implemented yet, so this application only does numerical Routh-Hurwitz calculations. Feel free to contribute on GitHub.

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